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It is only when someone asks 'can I have your CV?' do you realise how long you have worked without one. We proved that it is possible, but here anyway are vain souvenirs collected over the years. 

Roger Frost - piece for Sunday TimesCommunicating was Roger Frost's passion and it was his 'day job' since 1988. He wrote for publishers who talk to an education audience. These  included textbook publishers, newspapers, magazines and companies, PR firms and government agencies.

The samples come from books, brochures, product catalogues, software manuals, teaching materials, case studies, web sites and advertisements. 
Roger Frost wobbled admirably through around 20 radio interviews and after-dinner talks about science, education and computers.

For an overview see this slideshow video: http://rogerfrost.com/projects.htm

  • RF is interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Learning Curve - "What do you think of the GCSE revision web sites?" March 2000 Interviewer: Libby Purves
  • BBC Radio 5 The Formula "Is software good for children and education at home" September 1998 Interviewer: Quentin Cooper
  • BBC Radio 5 The Formula - funny excerpt (1 minute MP3)
  • Radio interviews - education expert on Radio Lancashire, Belfast and numerous local radio shows - 1997
  • The Science Show - Cambridge 105 from 2011- 2015
  • TV - Teacher's TV - Primary Science Resources (30 mins)
  • TV - Teacher's TV - Secondary Science Resources (30 mins)

RF wrote for Microsoft Education from 1997 to 2004

Writing case studies, brochures and advertisements (1997-2002). For example, one brief was to create a Microsoft web site to help schools prepare for the Year 2000. Here is the flavour of the worry at the time (1999)

RF wrote case studies for Microsoft Training (Authorised Academic Training Partnerships) 2001 through to 2003. See an example of many Case studies collected in 2001, 2002, 2003

Microsoft brochures




RF worked for BBC Education setting up GCSE Bitesize (1997-1998).

The role was to commission and edit Chemistry and Biology materials for a GCSE revision website BBC Bitesize from its planning phase in October 1997 to its first publication in March 1998.
Roger Frost - Commision for BBC Bitesize

Newsletters and marketing material

Roger Frost - Science Consortium

RF wrote the newsletters and marketing copy for the ASE Science Consortium. Read the newsletter issues 1 2 3 4

RF wrote manuals such as this guide for Logotron

RF wrote the manuals for New Media Science School

A sample from the teaching guide for Multimedia Science School: Atom Viewer Guide.pdf

RF wrote hundreds of articles for The Times Educational Supplement (the TES is a weekly teacher's newspaper that appears in newsagents on Friday).

RF wrote for The Guardian, a daily newspaper with an education supplement.

  • Feature about a website to teach about parliament IT For Schools | Act now
    About a scheme to give whole classes laptops IT For Schools | Lapping it up
  • Projects running on the Internet during the annual 'Netday' in November 2000 IT For Schools | Plug in and play (acrobat pdf) or Education Unlimited - Plug in and play (swf)
  • The value of Schoolmaster.net and other web portals for schools - IT For Schools | Ports in a storm
  • Fast Internet access via a microwave link - IT For Schools | Radio days on the net
  • Stories from schools using laptops - IT For Schools | Sat in your lap
  • Review of five handy websites for Chemistry IT For Schools | Chemistry
  • Science project / visit ideas: feature for the Guardian sponsored 'Tomorrows World Live' exhibition - Special Reports | Inventing tomorrow

RF wrote several features about revision for The Sunday Times - 'Culture' Magazine

Roger Frost - Sunday Times Ranking websites for out of school support or GCSE Exam Revision. See Web Site test - Sunday Times 




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